Development of novel nucleic acid aptamers for target specific therapy and diagnosis

We routinely develop novel nucleic acid aptamers -short DNA or RNA oligonucleotides that can bind to a specific molecular or cellular target with very high affinity and specificity similar to antibodies rendering the name ‘chemical antibodies’ against various targets including proteins, peptides and whole cells. We explore the potential of the developed aptamer for tissue specific drug delivery, targeted therapy, and targeted molecular imaging.   

NMR structure of our 
Aptamer RNV66 (PDB ID:2M53)
Computational prediction of
RNV66-VEGF binding
Our LNA-modifed
Aptamer RNV66​

Representative Publications:

1. All about Aptamer Technologies – Aptamer Book by Rakesh N. Veedu (2016)
Veedu RN, Aptamers: Tools for Targeted Nanotherapy and Molecular Imaging, Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd, CRC Press, Singapore, 2016.

2. Novel Aptamer Development Methodology
Lauridsen LH, Shamaileh LH, Edwards SL, Taran E, Veedu RN (2012) Rapid One-Step Selection Method for Generating Nucleic Acid Aptamers: Development of a DNA aptamer against Alpha-Bungarotoxin. PLOS ONE, 7, e41702.

3. Aptamer as targeted therapeutics for tackling solid cancers
Edwards SL, Poongavanam V, Kanwar JR, Roy K, Hillman KM, Neerati P, Leth-Larsen R, Petersen M, Marusic M, Plavec J, Wengel J, Veedu RN (2015) Targeting VEGF with LNA-stabilized G-rich oligonucleotide for efficient breast cancer inhibition. Chemical Communications, 51, 9499-9502. 

4. Aptamers for targeted drug delivery
Chaudhary R, Roy K, Kanwar RK, Veedu RN, Krishnakumar S, Cheung CHA, Verma AK, Kanwar JR (2016) E-Cadherin Aptamer-Conjugated Delivery of Doxorubicin for Targeted Inhibition of Prostate Cancer Cells. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 69,

5. Aptamer for targeted cancer imaging
Coles DJ, Rolfe BE, Boase NRB, Veedu RN,
 Thurecht KJ (2013) Aptamer-targeted hyperbranched polymers: Towards greater specificity for tumours in vivo. Chemical Communications, 49, 3836-3838.